Your Off Piste adventure starts here. 

welcome to the mountains at their best!

EXPLORE and exceed YOUR LIMITS, explore this white world safely.

Be at one with the mountain and it's natural landscape. You will be able to learn and progress in off piste skiing, discovering all terrains and snow.  Safely accompanied with an ESF instructor who's vast knowledge of the mountain and it's environment is second to none.
ESF Arc 1800 will provide you with the safety equipment needed: shovel, probe, DVA (Victim Avalanche Detector), backpack.
 Your instructor will train you exactly how to use it. The adventures start now!

Grand ski
Off Piste Course
  • You have a good level of ski
  • You want to leave the groomed pistes for the off piste terrain in safety 
  • Your ESF monitor will take you to the best spots

price from 59€
ski touring
Endurance & Freedom 
  • Activity of endurance
  • Experience the freedom 
  • Breathtaking views
per person 50€
The ultimate adventure
  • Advanced level
  • Vast open spaces
  • Dropped in Italy, far from the groomed domains
  • An exceptional day
price from 410€
Guide off piste
Off the beaten track
  • Surpass your expectations
  • Discover new horizons
  • Our off-piste guides will take you to magical and unexplored corners of Paradiski. 
price from 175€
73700 Bourg Saint Maurice